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Micro Force - Velosio Dynamics GP Newsletter September 2023

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Hello and welcome back to Micro Force's monthly Dynamics GP newsletter series!

The point of these monthly newsletters is to continue to help you get the most out of your GP business software system.

In the coming months we will be: sharing tips on how to do tasks quicker or more efficiently; introducing solutions that can streamline processes or provide enhanced reporting capabilities; Or sharing general information about your Dynamics GP system including roadmaps and options to use or migrate to the cloud will be addressed in coming months.

Of course, you never have to wait for future newsletters to learn about any of these topics. We are always only an email or phone call away to help you with anything you may need!

This month we have received an important update from Microsoft concerning the Dynamics GP product, and we wanted to share with you the key points.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Life Cycle Update

It's important to note that contrary to what some competitors have shared on the internet, there is not an end date for Dynamics GP support!

Microsoft stands firm in their commitment to continue providing enhancements and provide resources for GP support as a part of their "Modern Lifecycle" policy up to 2028 and beyond; as noted in the diagram below.

Microsoft GP Dynamics Annual Updates

Microsoft will continue to release annual upgrades for Dynamics GP systems. The target date is October of each year. The version that will be released next month is version 18.6. They include regular regulatory (tax) updates, security updates, hot fixes, and usability and reliability updates.

We have already begun scheduling update service projects for existing clients to upgrade to version 18.6. So please click here if you would like us to schedule a call to discuss this topic for your business software system.

Dynamics GP Enhancements

There continues to be numerous enhancements available to streamline and provide automation for your Dynamics GP business software system.

Here are a few that many of our clients have seen great value implementing in the past year:

  • Improving Smartlist reporting performance (If you are waiting for your Smartlist reports, we have a solution that resolves this--one client went from waiting 20 minutes to getting their report in 12 seconds!)

  • AP automation

  • Daily dashboarding report for management, that includes both Dynamics GP and other line of business application data

  • AR statement automation

Using Dynamics GP "In The Cloud"

Dynamics GP users have multiple options to use an ERP system in the cloud.

If you would like to keep your current systems but update them to current cloud infrastructure, we can assist your team to migrate your on-premise GP servers to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, so that your system can receive the Microsoft umbrella of protection from the many viruses and security risks that can lead to ransomware threats.

Or you can opt to migrate to the modern Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central business software system--as many of our clients have done in recent years.

If you would like to learn more about any of these enhancements or migration options to the cloud for your system, please click here.

Free Dynamics GP Resource For Your Business

If you have tried to create custom reports for your Dynamics GP system and have had a challenge to know where the data is in GP, you are not alone! Read on for a solution to this problem.

We have found a free resource that provides the details which fields are located in which tables in your Dynamics GP system. You can view this at this site:

You can search for a specific table or select a module and view all the tables and fields in that module.

Our team can provide expert services to assist you in creating any reports or deciphering how to use this free resource. To request this assistance or to place a helpdesk support request, feel free to email your support request to:

Let Us Help You Get the Most Out Of Your Dynamics GP Software System!

  • Are you sure that you are processing your GP transactions in the most efficient manner?

  • Are there any time consuming tasks that could be automated?

  • Is there better and more responsive reporting for your industry?

  • Are executive dashboards available to help management achieve your business goals?

Have you ever wondered about these questions or questions similar to these?

Our free assessment services was designed to help you identify and solve any of these questions or similar questions that may come up in your business.

Normally, this is a service reserved only for our Dynamics GP customers with an active monthly service plan----however for a limited time, we are offering our free assessment service to any of our customers!

BUT you must reach out to our within the next 30 days to schedule this service.

To schedule this service or to learn more about these services, please email

We hope you had a wonderful month!

Until next time.

Best Regards,

Your friends at Micro Force

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