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Simplify Labor Union Accounting and Reporting

One Microsoft ERP Solution that Does It All

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Work with a partner who knows your business!

Micro Force understands your needs are unique from firsthand knowledge gained from servicing the business software needs of Labor Unions for the past 15 years. 

We support Microsoft technologies because it gives you choices. You can work in the Cloud or on-premises to fit your needs. 

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We Fine-Tuned Microsoft Dynamics to fit how Labor Unions work

We recognize that larger Labor Unions, both large district councils as well as Internationals, are a collection of multiple divisions, typically the council, health and services/benefits and an education fund.


To meet the unique needs of the Council, Micro Force offers software automation to capture and gather the required data that our clients use to upload to the Department of Labor for their annual LM2 compliancy reporting. Our clients typically use multiple systems, so we provide integrations from these disparate disbursement software programs to import transactions into their Dynamics system to include in their LM2 reporting. 

We created a financial reporting system that addresses both board member requirements as well as streamlining the reporting requirements for their locals.

Micro Force recommends Microsoft Dynamics to service the unique business software needs of the Health and Services (H&S) division of our labor unions clients. Due to the varied services that they provide to their current and former members, we have assisted with numerous enhancements. For instance, automating the payment of thousands of reimbursements checks for their members is one of many examples. 

The Education Fund division uses the same Microsoft Dynamics Software to streamline their operations to provide quality and timely educational services to their members. 

Why Not Solve LM-2 Compliance Once and For All for Continuous Savings Year-after-Year?

Micro Force-Velosio understands how tedious and time-consuming annual reporting can be for labor unions. 


Our solution, Quick LM-2, works seamlessly in your Microsoft Dynamics GP or Dynamics 365 Business Central system, eliminating much of the effort.

Our Microsoft Dynamics business software systems enable our labor union clients to not only address unique requirements for their divisions, but also streamline their operations to improve efficiencies everywhere.

How To Create Your LM2 Report the Easy Way:
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Get Quick LM-2 modules from Micro Force to capture all the transactions that are in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP for Schedules 14-20 automatically. 

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Eliminate extra effort by your AP team to meet cash basis and special conditions from the DOL. Quick LM-2 will handle it for you. 

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Consolidate - Import transactions you may have on spreadsheets or from other sources.

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Easily make adjustments to your data before submitting your final report to the Department of Labor.


Our AP solution enables users to work remotely thanks to workflow and digital signatures. Workflows allow vendor invoices to be approved by staff using a cost-effective $8 per user per month Microsoft Team license. You can simplify vendor payments with options for electronic (ACH) or digitally signed checks and accommodate multiple signatures based on thresholds. Users can approve payments on mobile devices with options to pay by ACH or digitally signed checks (based on your rules and before payments are processed). Enjoy flexibility, as electronic approvals can be made from mobile devices or desktops. In addition, you can reduce risk for your union by leveraging Positive Pay functionality for added security.

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Streamline your procurement and requisition process, which can reduce processing costs by up to 85% with automation and workflows. This includes PunchOut capabilities which allow users to shop directly from ecommerce sites - Amazon, Office Depot, Best Buy, etc. while accessing your preferred pricing. 

Items are added to a requisition that follows your normal workflow that checks against budgets as well as gaining approvals. Highly configurable workflows make sure that all the necessary approvals are secured, but unnecessary steps are avoided. 

Rules can be easily set based on any available field - project, amount, expense type, etc. - or based on position. Approvers can receive requests by email and approve by email. 


Our clients benefit from the industry specific reporting and dashboards that they have helped us create for your industry. Access a single source of truth for fast, consistent analytics. 

Improve team efficiency and reporting accuracy with a complete data management and BI solution. Endure that everyone is using the same data to run their reports. Easily combine data from Microsoft Dynamics and other sources into a "single source of truth". Take control of your analytics and reporting, without depending on a handful of technical experts to provide you with this information.

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Microsoft Dynamics solutions are not integrated to your email and office products. They are EMBEDDED into them!


View payable data while working in your Office 365 email systems. One click options to export data to Excel, fully formatted. Can also import data from Excel into Business Central, if given the rights to do so.

Microsoft Teams users can not only collaborate with their Dynamics users, but also share data, without leaving their application.

Users can use Excel pivot reporting functionality, directly within their Dynamics operational and financial business software system. 


Is your team still working on repetitive, time consuming tasks? Can that by using Power Automate to create automated approvals and workflows. Use either the pre-built workflows or create new ones in your Dynamics business software system.


Use Microsoft low/no code programming apps to create both laptop as well as mobile apps to automate what was previously very manual tasks, which has resulted in the saving days of man hours each month.  

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Are you ready for one comprehensive business management system made for Labor Unions unique requirements?

Schedule with a Labor Union Specialist today.

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