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With day-to-day business, your employees may develop workarounds that solve a problem for the moment but may not take the long-view of how it affects your business goals. These small workarounds add up and can cost you time and money. 

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You can avoid the extra expense by applying business process optimization.

  • What if you had a business system that could enforce rules as to who can change a shipping method? 

  • What if your purchasing and sales were connected and could automatically calculate a promise date based on real-time information? 

  • And alerts your warehouse if there is a change that affects shipping, so you have time to do something about it?  

Process Optimization is Vital to Productivity

The key to optimization is that it is a constant process of re-evaluation and improvement effort. That’s why the Micro Force team sits down periodically with our customers and evaluates how they are using their business system and how they can work better, faster, and more efficiently. We schedule annual Business Reviews to make sure your processes are working well and contributing to productivity.

We recommend:

  • Automating tedious, time-consuming tasks

  • Personalize your customers’ experience by suggesting products based on order history

  • Add specific applications to your business that increase functionality in every aspect of your organization – marketing, sales, ecommerce, invoicing, payments, project management, collaboration, communication, security, and more.

  • Offer mobile solutions

  • Leverage Business Intelligence to make smart decisions. 

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In addition, we offer SQL database administrative services to fine tune the performance of your ERP system

Services will include the following:

  • Review of system set up making sure Microsoft SQL has been properly configured and tuned for your Microsoft Dynamics GP database system

  • Checking log files to ensure  the files are not taking up more on your storage system than is needed

  • Run SQL scripts for a Dynamics GP environment that would proactively identify issues in your Microsoft SQL database

  • Making sure backups are properly scheduled. This includes the scheduled backups during the day if that has been in place versus a once a day backup. 

Curious how optimizing can reduce costs and improve productivity for your Microsoft Dynamics company?
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