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Annual Department of Labor Reporting SOLVED with our Microsoft Dynamics ERP Quick LM-2 Module

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Capture LM-2 Info

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Effortless Payables

& Receivables Processing

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Fully Compliant

with the DOL

It Costs More Than You Know to
Produce Your LM-2 Report Year-after-Year

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Labor Unions who comply with annual LM-2 reporting face a substantial work-effort to gather and consolidate the information needed. 

Attempting to create the LM-2 report manually requires massive hours of your resources time, makes you vulnerable to errors, and is one of the biggest challenges for Labor Unions to pull together year after year. 


Multiply the hours spent collecting data from various sources, meticulously transforming the data to meet cash basis and special requirements, and correcting errors from manual processing to identify a major repeatable expense.

Why Not Solve LM-2 Compliance Once and For All for Continuous Savings Year-after-Year?

Micro Force-Velosio understands how tedious and time-consuming annual reporting can be for labor unions. 


Our solution, Quick LM-2, works seamlessly in your Microsoft Dynamics GP or Dynamics 365 Business Central system, eliminating much of the effort.

How To Create Your LM2 Report the Easy Way:
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Get Quick LM-2 modules from Micro Force to capture all the transactions that are in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP for Schedules 14-20 automatically. 

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Eliminate extra effort by your AP team to meet cash basis and special conditions from the DOL. Quick LM-2 will handle it for you. 

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Consolidate - Import transactions you may have on spreadsheets or from other sources.

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Easily make adjustments to your data before submitting your final report to the Department of Labor.

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Quick LM-2 Highlights:
  • Works seamlessly in your existing ERP without any extra effort by your staff

  •  Automatically captures necessary LM-2 information while entering regular transactions by using default setups 

  • Permits coding for LM-2 after vendor invoices have been posted or paid

  •  Features to capture vendor purchases via credit card purchases or corrections

  • Imports data from spreadsheets or other sources and apply default LM-2 values to eliminate hours of extra manual effort by your staff

  • Includes reconciling reporting that can be used monthly to reduce the painful year end work that may be required if not using this module

  • Includes full reporting, with the option to export to Microsoft Excel

  • LM-2 data recorded and stored in your ERP, so you have “one source of truth” versus solutions that require data exporting to Excel to create LM-2 reporting

  • Is fully compliant with the Department of Labor

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Some of the largest labor unions in the country enjoy our Quick LM-2 solution, including:

LM-2 Video Library
LM-2 Video Library
If you are a labor union, we have the Microsoft business solution for you. 
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