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Microsoft Power Platform

Take your organization to the next level of efficiency

Drive business transformation by creating compelling dashboards, build all the apps you need, and increase productivity with workflow.

Does your current software solution meet the needs of your business? Will it meet your future needs? You can rely on the experts at Micro Force-Velosio to recommend the best business software solutions that will adapt as your company grows.


The Micro Force-Velosio team brings over 20 years of hands-on experience in a wide variety of industries, including Distribution, Not for Profit, Professional Services, Light Manufacturing, Labor Unions, Family Offices (Wealth Management), and Government. 

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Power BI

Allow the people in your organization who best understand what data questions to ask to create their own dashboards and reports.

With Power BI:

  • Your team can share their visualizations created with powerful drag and drop technology. Now your decisions are based on facts rather than guesses.  

  • Make informed decisions from anywhere by accessing visualizations with the Power BI Mobile app.

  • Collaborate with team members whether inside or outside your organization 

  • Manage user permissions and allow for commenting.

  • Gain insights rapidly - Use conversational language to get meaningful answers. 

  • Use familiar tools and use the skills you already have with Excel, Outlook, or other BI tools.

  • Meet the compliance standards for your industry with rock-solid security.

Power BI

Power Apps

At last, your team (not just developers) can build low-code apps to make their jobs more efficient.


  • Use pre-built templates and rapid deployment—then launch continuous improvements as needed.

  • Quickly build custom apps from your data, SharePoint, Excel, Office 365, Dynamics 365, and more.

  • Automate your manual processes with a responsive design that can run on a browser or mobile device. 

  • You can start from scratch and build something completely custom versus using a template.

  • Use simple Excel-like logic to build your app.

  • You can publish your apps to the web, IOS, Android and Windows 10

Power Apps
Power Automation
Micro Force power Automate.jpg
Power Automate

Is your team still working on repetitive, time-consuming tasks? That can change when you create automated approvals and workflows with Power Automate.

Is it magic? No, it’s smart workflows

You can automate manual tasks and get rid of those cumbersome workarounds to allow you to focus on strategic opportunities. 

No-code guided experience to automate securely 

Everyone on your team can build secure workflows from your cloud-based data. There is no need to wait for IT to get to your requests - it’s self-service.

Boost productivity

Save time by accessing a library of pre-built connectors to build seamless integrations with your workflows. Connect to hundreds of data sources like Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Azure to discover insights and work from one source of truth. 

Power Virtual Agents

Create powerful bots to engage in online chats with your customers. In-house subject matter experts can easily create bots using a guided, no-code interface.

Power Virtual Agents allow you to:

  • Automate common inquiries and free up human agents to solve more complex issues.

  • Satisfy your customers 24/7 by resolving issues with personalized bot conversations.

  • No AI experts required when anyone can build bots quickly. No coding skills needed to create powerful and engaging virtual bots.

  • Teach your bots to do more than chat by allowing your bots to take action. You can integrate with services and back-end systems out-of-the-box or custom connectors using Power Automate. 

Micro Force Power Virtual Agents.jpg
Power Virtual Agents
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