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You have a financial system, and likely other disparate systems throughout your company. Each of these systems houses information that helps drive different areas of your business, from finance, to distribution, inventory management, and more.


Have you ever thought about how you can harvest that information (that you already have) and turn it into knowledge? Use that data that is just sitting there into a wealth of information to help drive better, informed, data-driven decisions. Business Intelligence (BI) helps make this a reality, and gives you the power to drive ahead of your competition.

Business Intelligence is comprised of four areas, which all tie together to help present your existing data in ways that drive actionable decisions.


Whether in the office or working remotely, on-premise or Cloud, BI Reporting offers your robust, business user friendly financial and operational reporting.


Eliminate the manual planning processes and back-and-forth emails to achieve modern, dynamic budgets and forecasts with self-service BI Planning.


Whether you're an executive or a coordinator, BI Dashboards deliver easy-to-understand insights into the health of your organization, enabling smarter strategy


Connect the dots of your diverse data sources with the BI Data Warehouse, which allows you to consolidate company information in one easy-to-use, high performance platform.


Are you tired of compromising your reporting needs to fit into the out of the box reports your systems provide? Tired of not having reporting that takes data from different systems into consideration to help get reports that bring all areas of the business together? With BI Reporting, you no longer need to be tied to these limitations.

With reporting tools that work right within Excel, you can leverage your knowledge and the power of Excel to help design your reporting needs. With today’s BI tools, such as BI360 and Jet Reporting, you can turn Excel into a reporting machine like never before.

Budgeting and Forecasting

BI Budgeting provides your organization with a complete data entry interface to capture strategies, goals, budgets, forecasts, and what-if scenario models. By having the ability to easily grab any data out there and incorporating your budgets, you can produce ‘what if’ reporting quickly. But by giving you the ability to modify budgets, allocations and modeling, you now have a powerful tool that allows you to make informed decisions like only the top companies used to have available to them.


One of the advantages of working in Excel is the great visual capabilities it can produce around your data. By bringing all your information together within Excel, via a BI tool, you gain access to this power. Creating real-time visual representation of your data, based departmental needs, helps highlight trends and potential issues timely, allowing you to take action quicker than ever before.

Finance Dashboard

Operations Dashboard

Sales Dashboard

Data Warehouse

While pulling data together from you different systems is a good start, what if you could also include data from outside systems? And what if that data is too voluminous and therefore too much to process in a reasonable time (maybe millions of records of data)?

With BI Systems today, the availability of the option to store and process that data through a Data Warehouse opens the doors to the ability to handle disparate and such vast amounts of data. And best of all, it can pre-process the data and present it in a manner that is easily identifiable and easy to work with when creating a report for your needs. Gone are cryptic names, having to know what data is stored where, and what it is. A Data Warehouse grabs all this data, from whatever systems, internal or external, and consolidates the data into meaningful data points/measures that you can easily pull into reports with just a click. While not real-time, but can be close to real-time, the speed at which this data can be presented, since it is pre-processed behind the scenes at scheduled times, you can run sophisticated reports without the delay that processing such vast amounts of data, from different sources, would normally take.

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