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Comprehensive Services to Drive Your Productivity and Profits

Our Guiding Principle is to Manage Your Budget

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Our skilled team helps you identify high-level requirements to determine the ERP solution that is the best fit for your organization. With a deep knowledge of the software as well as hands-on experience on how things work in your industry, we can boost your team to productivity.

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Our simplified methodology streamlines the process of Project Management. We manage all the moving pieces with flexibility, so our processes don’t get in the way of progress.

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Take advantage of our team’s incredible skill-set for providing upgrade services. We do it all in house, without outsourcing off-shore, so we have full control of the quality and results.

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Let’s manage the stand-alone silos of data that are impeding your ability to respond to your customers. We provide seamless integrations to bring data into your ERP without requiring human intervention. By streamlining your line-of-business applications or online data, your business software system can boost productivity.

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You can have the most exquisite violin in the world, but if you don’t know how to tune it, your music just doesn’t play well. It’s the same with your ERP processes. We know how to optimize the software features, so you get the most benefit from your investment. 

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You may have data in multiple systems like SQL, Microsoft Access, and disconnected Excel spreadsheets. Bring all of this together using Business Intelligence tools to better track and report on that data. Let us show you the magic of data warehousing to unify your data in one place. We represent all the top-rated data warehousing solutions, namely Solver BI360, Jet Reporting, Adaptive Insights and Microsoft Power BI, so we can handle all the details for smooth entity consolidation and speed of reporting.

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We encourage the use of Third-party software for enhancements to your ERP solution. We are unique  - We offer you multiple options to meet your needs to enhance the software when needed. It could be a plug-in third party software, a custom development, or some combination.

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We offer flexible options for hosting your software so you can reduce infrastructure costs. You will no longer need to invest in expensive servers, high-level IT resources, or security concerns when you choose to host your software. 


Reduce/eliminate your infrastructure costs with hosting options:


Host your company-owned software with a third party that provides servers, IT support, backups, and more. 


Access a public cloud using Software-as-a-Service. You pay a monthly subscription fee to use the software. You don’t have to think about pricey upgrades or backups when using these services.  

Micro Force is different from our competition in that we are very conscious about keeping your project within budget. We do this by focusing your team and our team on the critical tasks that matter. 

We have a leg-up on other, less-experienced partners with our team’s 20+ years of real-world knowledge. We can offer additional options to vastly improve your processes and save your team time and money. Together we can evaluate the best path forward based on cost versus benefit.  

Team Brainstorm

You can Trust Your Projects to Micro Force

Our years of success implementing hundreds of ERP projects have earned Micro Force long-term clients and a stellar reputation. Our customers trust us because we keep them in the loop and make sure we meet their expectations. We can truthfully claim that we have never had a failed project in over fifteen years. 


We make sure we are a good fit for our clients and vice-versa.  We don’t take on a project unless it is going to be a successful one, and we run from ones that don’t fit well. And always, we do business that matches our customers’ needs. 

The Micro Force team is flexible in our approach. We can do as much or as little as needed. Some clients want to implement on their own, with some guidance. And others want a strong methodology to make sure they take full advantage of our experience to boost productivity.


Our secret sauce is our attitude. We love seeing our customers succeed, and always do things with a smile.

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