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When your organization first acquires a new ERP system, some of your people are enthusiastic about working with the latest technology. Others are reluctant to make a change. Eventually, your team gains confidence as they learn how the system works.

Over time, lessons learned on how to make the best use of the system may be forgotten and start to slip. When new employees come on-board, knowledge transfer may suffer, and they may adopt habits that weaken your processes. 

Micro Force focuses on improving and lifting your company to the next level. To do this, we conduct periodic User Activity Sessions to evaluate how your employees are using the system. We suggest process improvements that help your team do things better and faster. We also want to keep you up-to-date on any new functionality so you can leverage the investment you made in your Microsoft system.

And we don’t stop there.

We perform Annual Business Reviews for our existing customers. Please think of us as your “ERP Doctors.” We find out what’s changed in your business model, and which processes are causing pain. We’ll help you stay current on the latest technology and identify areas to take the right action to cure what is getting in the way of productivity.

Business Meeting

We’re All About Staying Close to Our Customers

Micro Force is a boutique organization with a mission always to stay close to our customers. That’s why we are right-sized to deliver the personal attention that our clients appreciate. 


When needed, we can tap into the additional resources from our affiliate partners at Velosio. With over 40 offices nationwide, Micro Force-Velosio offers the complete suite of Microsoft ERP, NetSuite, and other productivity products, to meet your needs effectively.  Our affiliation allows us to provide services from over 100 professional subject matter experts who can solve issues promptly. 


Unlike other large companies where you might feel like you are “just a number to them,” you get the best of both worlds with Micro Force-Velosio. You benefit from our thoughtful customer care, personal attention, and expertise, as well as the availability of resources from a larger organization. We like to say we provide a personal touch, personal service, and an unlimited bench.

Digital Transformation is Possible with the Right Partner by Your Side

Your competition is fierce, margins are tight, and at some point, every organization realizes that the only choice is to modernize. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the path forward is in the Cloud, where you can meet the changes in the market and better compete. 


Micro Force is ready to guide you through the steps for Next-Gen technology to improve productivity and profits for your company. We have the skills and tools to quickly migrate your data to the latest Microsoft Dynamics ERP as well as other leading mid-market solutions like NetSuite.

We Earn Your Trust with Straight Talk and Transparency

Micro Force always does what is right for our customers with straight-forward and honest communication. We give you our best guidance on what is needed, even when it may not be what you want to hear - and always with your best interests in mind.


The Micro Force ownership is involved in day-to-day operations and inspires our professional team to do what is needed to meet our customers’ requirements. 


At Micro Force, we do things deliberately and efficiently to bring value to every touchpoint with our customers.

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