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Upgrades & Migrations

Modernize Your Business Management System to Meet Your Expanding Goals

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We’ll Help You Focus on the Big Picture

There comes a time when organizations need to move away from their current software and hardware solutions and embrace new technology. The ability to compete, scale and grow depends on it. If your existing solutions are no longer practical, compliant, or secure, it’s time to modernize.


The experts at Micro Force will assess your current system and work with you to map out a plan that not only addresses your immediate needs but takes into consideration your big-picture organizational goals. 

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How Do You Know it’s Time to Modernize?

  • Support for your software is no longer guaranteed or secure

  • You spend too much on maintenance

  • Your system is becoming obsolete or no longer meets your needs

  • Your system does not support optimization, streamlined processes, or new features

  • Your software does not comply with a legal provision

  • Your system is not sustainable as your organization continues to grow

  • Your system slows down productivity

Upgrade for Better Performance and New Ways to Compete

If you have outgrown your current system, upgrading to a superior, modern version may be what you need to see better performance and find new opportunities to compete. Whether you are moving to the latest version of Dynamics GP or NAV, or to Dynamics 365 Business Central, Micro Force can help you plan and execute a transformation that prevents crippling downtime and mitigates risk.

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Upgrade and enjoy higher revenues with these benefits:
  • Run more smoothly and operate faster

  • Perform more functions

  • Improve efficiency and increase productivity

  • Take advantage of features that allow you to compete

  • Reduce maintenance costs

Upgrade your On-premise Dynamics GP or NAV

If you have an older version of Dynamics GP or NAV and your system or business applications are no longer supported, you may be taking unnecessary risks with security, bugs, or lost opportunities. 


Upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central is the popular way to go, however, if you’re not ready to make that move, upgrading to the latest Microsoft NAV or GP on-premise may be the perfect steppingstone.

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Upgrade your Business System to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Transform your legacy Dynamics GP and NAV to Business Central in the Cloud for anywhere access from any device. Leverage a proven solution that millions of users access every day. 

With Business Central, you can choose to remain on-premise or operate in the Cloud. The experts at Micro Force can help determine the best approach for your organization. We can ensure a smooth, efficient transition, mitigating any potential security risk. 

There’s No Need to Transition You to the Cloud All at Once

The best approach may be to take smaller manageable steps to go to the cloud. For example, we have a client who is a 20-year Dynamics GP customer who developed their eCommerce site in-house. Micro Force brings their eCommerce data into Dynamics ERP automatically, where they can manage it. The result? The client has fewer errors and eliminated inefficient manual entries since we integrated Shopify and Dynamics ERP to Sales Orders and Purchase Orders. 


Our long-term engagement enables them to transform their on-premise ERP to the Cloud while “keeping the lights on.”

Enjoy Seamless Migration with Minimal Risk and Downtime

At some point, as a business grows and technology evolves, a company needs to deal with migrating their applications and data to a new system or new environment. Making this move may seem daunting because of the potential risk and downtime. 


Micro Force has in-depth experience, strict processes, and the right tools to plan and implement a migration strategy that meets your requirements and minimizes both risk and disruption, so you don’t need to interrupt your operations.

We Earn Your Trust with Straight Talk and Transparency

Micro Force always does what is right for our customers with straight-forward and honest communication. We give you our best guidance on what is needed, even when it may not be what you want to hear - and always with your best interests in mind.

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You can Trust Your Projects to Micro Force

Our experience successfully implementing hundreds of ERP projects has earned Micro Force long-term clients and stellar reputation. Our customers have confidence since we have never had a failed project.

For a painless upgrade or migration, speak to a Micro Force expert.
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