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At Micro Force, we value our partnerships with other professionals that our clients are working with, namely their managed IT service providers as well as their accounting firms, because this allows us to assist our clients collectively better.


Work Smarter,
Not Harder

Our firm emphasizes the importance of each business user's role at their organization. We have developed a proven program that can help every user learn to use their business software systems to permit them to do “more in less time”. The goal is to free up their time, allowing them to focus on what would bring the most value to their employer, and joy in knowing they are learning and improving their skillset.

By doing so, we are helping them be the “best version of themselves”. This typically leads to the realization of how important they are to the success of where they are working

Stay Ahead with Micro Force

We have developed a training program named “user activity sessions” to educate and train our clients to learn to how use advanced functionality in their business software system. By using new features, digital workflow, automation routines, and integration which often eliminates manual entry, users can be more productive and accomplish tasks without staying late.


In addition to what’s described above, we collaborate with other professionals in our field to discover new ways to offer our clients the latest technological software tools that Microsoft and complementary vendors are making available to our community.



The other professionals are you, the MSPs that service our clients. With the advent of the Microsoft platform that can transform the software tools that our clients use to achieve their goals, it is imperative that both our clients’ IT service provider as well as their business software service provider work in concert.


We especially “love” partnering with fellow professionals in our industry to bring this value to our mutual clients. If you feel the same way, please reach out to us to schedule a call to see how we can collectively offer this our clients.

Attitude is Everything

Our company’s mission statement includes our desire to service our clients with a smile. It is a well-known fact that people will achieve more when they are surrounded by an attitude of positivity.


We look for opportunities to create ‘Holy Moments’ that are situations where we can go out of our way to help others in what they are doing and to help them recognize the value they are bringing to their place of business at that moment in time. If you feel the same way, let’s connect to collectively bring this attitude of service to our clients. 


Let's connect to see how we can work together, to bring this attitude of service to our clients. And of course, we will do so with a mutual smile.

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