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1099 Reporting

Print 1099 forms for 2022 in your Microsoft Dynamics GP business software without having to upgrade to version 18.5. You'll be able to reduce costs, user involvement and downtime with our reporting solution that is available for all versions of Dynamics GP.

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1099 Form
Reporting Solution

How can you print both Miscellaneous and Non-Employee Compensation (NEC) 1099 forms for 2022 in your Microsoft Dynamics GP business software system?

From your Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, a user can point to Tools, point to Routines, point to Purchasing, and then click Print 1099.

But this does not leave a company with much time to have their Dynamics GP system upgraded to this new release before 1099 NEC forms will need to be produced in January.

GP Enhancement

The typical Dynamics GP user has additional third-party enhancement modules, modified forms, and reports, as well as possible customizations that best practice dictates must be upgraded first in a test environment. This can be both a costly and time-consuming project for users, in addition to causing an interruption in business due to downtime when performing these services.

Fortunately, there is another solution to this business requirement.

Reporting Solutions

Micro Force-Velosio has created a reporting solution that can be added to your current version of Dynamics GP, to allow you to print all types of 1099 reports for 2022. This is available for $750, if you are using a current version of GP and you are willing to perform the 15-minute installation into your Dynamics GP environment, which must be done in off hours.

We are also available to schedule a billable service to perform either the installation or to provide consulting services, since we have been a Dynamics GP partner for twenty years.

Additionally, we can assist you in not only printing 1099’s but also in reconciling existing GP data for 1099 purposes.

Assisting GP versions 2018 and older

Our reporting solution will print your 1099 data onto the 2022 forms for both Misc and NEC 1099’s. Dynamics GP does have the ability to print the 1096 form, but neither Dynamics GP nor does our 1099 reporting solution permit Dynamics GP the ability to create the electronic file for companies that have more than 250 1099 forms for their Dynamics GP company.

Our reporting solution noted above is available for the following versions of Dynamics GP: 18.2,18.3, 18.4

If you are running an older version of Dynamics GP, we can assist you with the Miscellaneous and NEC1099 forms. Just a quick 10 minute system review via a Microsoft Teams session is required in order for us to provide a price. Please fill out the form below.
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