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Grow Your Business with our Best-in-Class 

20/20 Distribution Suite for Microsoft Dynamics

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Have your operations slowed down due to bottlenecks?

Are you getting delivery complaints from your customers?

Are your margins being squeezed so tightly you can hardly breathe?

We get it - running a distribution business is not for the faint of heart. Without a robust business system, your customer service can quickly start to slip as your staff becomes overwhelmed with manual processes. 


Micro Force’s 20/20 Distribution Suite solves your issues and bottlenecks with automation that makes everything you do easier.

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Micro Force Knows the Distribution Industry Like the Back of Our Hand

Micro Force professionals not only know how your software and business works, but they are also well-versed in the distribution industry. 


Micro Force’s 20/20 experts know how to tailor the software and streamline operations to meet your unique business needs flawlessly. We apply best practices that enable you to achieve your goals and become a leader in your industry.

Micro Force, a Velosio Affiliate, has helped distributors for over two decades in many industries, including those below:

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
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Some of the many demands that CPG distributors face daily requires business software that can efficiently handle:


  • Big Box customer portals

  • EDI

  • Customer forecasts

  • Allowances

  • Advanced ship notification

  • Managing off-shore manufacturing

  • Full view of importing costs

Food & Beverage
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Generic software can’t solve the unique requirements for the Food & Beverage distributor. Our 20/20 Distribution Suite meets your specific needs, including:


  • Lot control

  • Perishables

  • Catch Weights

  • Barcoding

  • Labeling requirements

  • Regulatory requirements 

  • Constant customer demands

The professionals at Micro Force can help reduce costs and improve customer service by streamlining your operations. Our robust 20/20 Distribution Suite provides the tools you need to keep and attract your customers while improving your margins.

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The Secret to Success is Automation so You Can Deliver Rapidly, Accurately, and with Fewer Errors.

Are you using the best business software for your business? Our Distribution 20/20 solution includes a wide range of components designed to improve the end-to-end flow of information and products, through automation and a streamlined supply chain.

Here are some of the many features and options tailored to meet your unique requirements: 


  • Barcoding to comprehensive RFID warehouse management systems

  • Accurate counting procedures

  • Lot and expiration date tracking

  • Incident tracking

  • Order allocation

  • Workflow capabilities and multiple picking options, including different processes for different product lines, batch picking, paperless zone picking, and kitting

  • A replenishment feature that prevents delays in order fulfillment

  • Verification and streamlined shipping processes to move more packages each day, with greater accuracy and at a lower cost

  • Integrating parcel or trucking shipping systems

  • Comprehensive warehouse metrics

Getting the Bill
Stay Relevant for Today’s Customers

Today’s customers expect more flexibility and ease of doing business. They want to be able to buy what they want, when they want, and how they want. Integrating your systems with Distribution 20/20 software will give you access to your B2B and B2C customer data so that you can gain a better understanding of their buying behaviors, preferences, and profitability.


More and more customers are looking to do business online. With 20/20, you can give them an exceptional shopping experience, personalized for each customer, with a product or service catalog and search component. 


Distribution 20/20’s eCommerce capabilities can be integrated with your solution and provide an online portal for sales staff to access while they are in the field and allow customers to place orders and check on their order status when and where they want.

Ramp Up Your Ability to Generate Informed Demand Forecasts

Accurate forecasts are essential for managing your inventory and keeping costs low. Distribution 20/20 provides tools that can help you demand plan and forecast accurately, based on transaction data already in your ERP system. This tool has demand prediction formulas for every SKU and allows you to identify reorder-points before the next order is due to be placed, and it will help you better manage new, updated, and replacement items.

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State-of-the-Art Reporting and Dashboards with Power BI

Simple to use Power BI allows you to create your reports and dashboards on your own so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your operations. Make sense of your data so you can make informed decisions to propel your distribution business forward.

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