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Micro Force -Velosio Newsletter Oct 2020 - Dynamics GP, COVID-19 and Working From Home


Despite the changing world the Covid-19 virus pandemic has brought about, we hope that you and yours have still had a chance to enjoy the summer! As Autumn slowly deepens, we continue to look forward to providing you with various offerings and tips to help you and your team get the most from your Microsoft Dynamics GP business software system.


Budgeting Webinar for Your GP System

Since we are in the midst of budgeting season, we introduced in a prior newsletter that there are a myriad of options for GP users to choose from. Last month, we presented a webinar that demonstrated the financial budgeting functional that is included in your Dynamics GP system.

We will offer a presentation regarding an enhanced budgeting solution that can be added to your Dynamics GP system from Solver. We are naming this webinar Budgeting 102, and it is being offered on Wednesday, November 4th from noon to 1 pm. So if this would be of interest to you, to sign up for this free Lunch N Learn, please click here to register.


New 1099 Non-Employee Compensation Reporting Requirement for 2020

The IRS has announced that there will be a change to your 1099 reporting come January. The new 1099-NEC (NEC stands for Non-Employee Compensation) is based on an old form that has been out of use since 1982. This will require an update by Microsoft to address this 1099 change.

Dynamics GP will release an update (GP year -end update) in the next few weeks to comply with the new regulation. The exact date of this release is yet to be known but it is expected sometime in November.

The release will include a utility to transfer data from 1099-MISC box 7 to this new form and this will be available for all supported versions of Dynamics GP including GP 2016 but no versions before then.

If you are on a version prior to GP 2016, we suggest that you reach out to us to discuss options, which may include an upgrade of your current version of GP to a current, Microsoft-supported version. Call your rep or email


Fix Coming in November for Dynamics GP Word Templates

Microsoft is working on fixing a problem for GP Word templates that occurred after a recent Office update. They've announced that the fix will be available in November. They also plan to roll the change back to GP 2016. If you are experiencing this issue, please reach out to us at to help you resolve this issue. Or you can click on this link to address it on your own. Here's a link to a work-around from Microsoft.


How to Remove Stranded Purchase Orders in Dynamics GP

Ever wondered how to move transactions to history? For example, suppose you receive some of the items from a purchase order into inventory. Later you cancel the remaining quantities on that same order. The order won't be moved to history, even though there are no remaining quantities.

If you're keeping purchase order history and you remove completed purchase orders, the purchase orders will be moved to history. If you aren't keeping history, completed purchase orders will be deleted from your records.

To remove stranded purchase orders, you'll need to move these documents to history using the Remove Completed Documents window.

To remove completed purchase orders:

  1. Open the Remove Completed Purchase Orders window: Dynamics GP menu → Tools → Routines → Purchasing → Remove Completed Purchase Orders.

  2. Select the range of PO's to remove information for, then enter the first and last records in the selected range.

  3. Choose Insert to insert the range you've chosen to remove in the Restrictions List. You can insert only one restriction for each document range. For example, you can insert one purchase order number restriction or one vendor ID restriction.

  4. Choose Restrictions to open the Restrict Purchasing Documents window to select documents you want to remove from the range you've entered (optional). For example, assume that you entered a range restriction to include purchase order numbers PO0990 through PO1010. Purchase order PO1000 was canceled because the vendor was out of stock of the items, but now the vendor can fill the order. You can remove the mark from the Process Box for PO1000 so that purchase order won't be removed.

  5. Choose the Process button to remove purchase orders.

  6. When processing is complete, the Completed PO Removal Report is printed, listing the purchase orders that were removed from the Purchase Order Work Table.

Final notes. If you plan to do this on your own, before you begin to remove purchase orders, make a full database backup. If you would be more comfortable working with us to complete this task, that is normal since this is not a routine that you have done before and if done incorrectly, data could be lost. Our support team is ready to assist you if needed. Just email us at


Office News Please note that our main office that is located on Long Island has moved to 68 South Service Road, Suite 100, Melville, NY 11747. Please update your records accordingly and note that our phone numbers have not changed.


For more info about your GP system and business software in general, visit our blog site at


Thank you once again for choosing Micro Force, we truly value our partnership together and the opportunity to serve your business solution needs! Sincerely, Jim McCann Partner, Senior Sales Analyst and Software Consultant Micro Force, A Velosio Affiliate Phone: (631) 421-1030 x 302 / (212) 777-7029 x 302 Email:

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