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Micro Force -Velosio Newsletter May 2020 - Dynamics GP, COVID-19 and Working From Home


As we adapt to the ways the Coronavirus is impacting our daily lives, Micro Force continues to offer our support to our clients during such an unprecedented and uncertain time. We are here to serve you and we are committed to supporting you in this time of need. As many of us remain displaced from our normal place of business, we will continue to address topics that may assist in your ability to use Great Plains remotely. And on behalf of our entire team, we hope you and your families stay healthy and safe!


GP to the Rescue - Paying Vendors Without Printing Checks

Due to the on-going impact of the pandemic on businesses, you may be facing logistic issues related to printing and signing checks for your vendors. What you may not know is that your Dynamics GP business software system has a feature, built-in, that can help you automate this issue. You can replace the manual task of printing and signing checks by making payments electronically through your bank using a built-in feature named EFT.

Depending upon your version and enhancements, there are also workflows available to allow you to submit and approve each transaction (in GP or by email), so security and authorization are enforced.

In the past week alone, we have helped many customers get this set up and put it in place ASAP. If you would like to alleviate the logistical issues of having checks printed and signed in this time of people working from home, please email us at or call us at (631) 421-1030 x 1.


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