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Micro Force -Velosio Newsletter March 2021 - Get the Most from Your Dynamics GP Software System


With Spring officially underway, we continue to look forward to helping both you and your fellow GP users get the most from your Microsoft Dynamics GP business software system. We attempt to do so by providing information about your GP system that you may not be aware. So read on below to learn about resources and tips that could hopefully permit you to do your job easier and more efficiently.


Why Not Use All of the Dynamic GP Software that You Are Entitled To?

There are over 30 "modules" that all Great Plains customers are entitled to use. Receivables, Payables, Bank Reconciliation and General Ledger are a few that are familiar to everyone. But there are many other modules that you are entitled to, for no additional licensing costs, that are part of your basic "Microsoft Dynamics GP licensing". Here is a partial list of those additional modules:

Here is a link to a document that not only lists all the Great Plains modules, but also provides a brief description of each, along with information about the other components of your top rated ERP business software system named Great Plains or Microsoft Dynamics GP.

If you feel that there could be value in using any of these modules, you may want to try them out in your test company. We can refresh data from a production company so that your testing will be easier. Email us at to schedule services to assist with this initiative.


Attachment Functionality In GP Transactions

Attachments is a very functional feature of your Dynamics GP system. This has been enhanced in GP 2018, broadening the availability of the document attachment capability to additional master record windows, inquiries and transaction entry windows. Document attachment is available from the ribbon in additional transaction entry windows, as shown in the following illustration.

What if you added an attachment by mistake? It may not be so obvious how to delete an erroneous attachment. The article below provides the steps needed to successfully complete this task.


Dynamic GP Professional Software Tools

Great Plains has a number of FREE routines that could help you cleanse your GP data, as well as add functionality to modules you may be using. Examples are:

  • I found two vendors that are actually the same. I would like to merge their vendor records and history into one vendor.

  • There are GL accounts that have incorrect numbers. How do I change them along with all transactions to date so that I do not impact the integrity of our prior financial reporting?

There is a way to do this and many other cools things in Great Plains by using some software named Professional Services Tools. There are over 40+ tools that are available for Great Plains. Some of these have been included in the latest versions of GP. And the rest are available to download and use with no additional licensing costs.

The following are the tools that pertain to the payable module:

  • Vendor Modifier - Change an existing vendor ID to a new vendor ID with the click of a button and simultaneously update all work, open and history records.

  • Vendor Combiner - Combine a vendor ID (with all the work, open and history records) into another existing vendor ID. The summary balances are recalculated and the original vendor ID is removed from the system.

  • Vendor Name Modifier - Change an existing vendor name to a new vendor name with a click of the button, updating all work, open and history records.

  • Payables Select Checks Combiner - Consolidate checks to the same vendor when users are appending to an existing checks batch. This can be of great value if users frequently build batches of payables checks and select different document number ranges or different date ranges.

  • Payables Minimum Check Utility - Pick a minimum amount for your payable checks created through the select checks process to prevent any checks being created under the minimum amount specified.

  • Payables Management Master Record Triggers - Add a vendor record and vendor address when you replicate records to another database.

  • Minimum PO/Receipt Number - Prevent purchase order processing from defaulting the next PO number or receipt number to a number that is previous to the current PO number when an existing PO number is deleted by setting a minimum PO number default.

  • 1099 Modifier - If you have incorrectly set up your vendors, or if you forgot to mark the 1099 vendor option on your vendor card for a year or a portion of the year, you can mark the option and run this tool, which will mark all documents for that vendor as 1099 documents. It will then reconcile these amounts into your summary records so they print on your 1099 reports.

Equivalent tools are available for each of the Dynamic GP modules. Microsoft use to sell these tools, for up to $1,500 each. But a few years ago, Microsoft made these available to partners for no charge. So if you would like to use any of these tools on your system, your only cost would be our time to install them and train you on how to use them.

Please contact us to arrange to have these software tools installed onto your system. If you would like schedule this service, email us at


For more info about your GP system and business software in general, visit our blog site at

Thank you once again for choosing Micro Force, we truly value our partnership together and the opportunity to serve your business solution needs! Sincerely, Jim McCann Partner, Senior Sales Analyst and Software Consultant Micro Force, A Velosio Affiliate Phone: (631) 421-1030 x 302 / (212) 777-7029 x 302 Email:


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