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Micro Force -Velosio Newsletter Feb 2020 - Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Software System


As we slowly inch our way towards Spring, we look forward to continuing to provide you with various offerings to help you and your team get the most from your Microsoft Dynamics GP business software system. Read below for information on free webinar opportunities, helpful Dynamics GP features and more. And as always, feel free to reach out to us to schedule your annual business review if you have not done so already in 2020!


What Is the GP Process Monitor?

The GP Process Monitor is a GP function that permits you to see what processes are running. Dynamics GP will run various tasks in the background and sometimes it seems that nothing is happening, especially when printing large reports. Check the Process Monitor (Microsoft Dynamics GP>Process Monitor) to see what tasks are running or waiting to run. Tasks with a (>) sign in front of them can be deleted (useful if you have run a report several times while waiting for it to print). You can highlight the process and click Remove.


AR Statement Automation in Great Plains We have a Great Plains client who has to email AR statements to their clients each month. Their clients also requested that they forward a copy of each of the open invoices that were listed on their AR statement, along with any worksheets for those respective invoices. We were able to provide them with a fully automated solution for this requirement. We accomplished this by introducing them to a third-party enhancement product from a vendor named Liaison Messenger. So as opposed to spending a good part of a full day to complete this task, they can now do so in less than 30 minutes using this solution! No longer do they need to print each open invoice to a PDF. Scan each worksheet and save that in a folder for each of their clients each month. Then generate the email for each customer one at a time and, before sending out that correspondence, go to that client’s folder and attach each open invoice and worksheet, one at a time. Compare that to selecting an emailing of statement process that can be run for all or a subset of their customers in one step. Start the process and this solution then automates this entire process by going to the appropriate folder on their system to accomplish the same. This is because PDFs of invoices are automatically being saved each day, along with any printed copies from Great Plains in such a manner to automate this process. For further info including pricing for this solution, please email


Using Credit Cards to Pay Vendors in Dynamics GP Does anyone in your organization have a corporate credit card that they use to purchase services or merchandise? Do you currently process these in your Great Plains system in the payables module so that you can get vendor reporting visibility? If not, please read that following article, which was written by one of our extended team members, as noted in the article.

And if you would like to automate the effort of downloading the credit card information into an Excel worksheet that could then be used to electronically create Great Plains payable vouchers for each material vendor, please email to schedule this service. There are typically three important goals that companies have when paying their vendors with credit cards:

  1. Most of the purchases need to be recorded against the actual vendors. Especially for inventory purchases.

  2. Monthly credit card statements need to be reconciled quickly so there is no delay in paying the bills and no huge unapplied payments sitting in GP because it takes so long to reconcile and enter the statements.

  3. There are many ‘one time’ or ‘miscellaneous’ vendors that are paid with credit cards. While it is not important to track these purchases under individual vendors (as in # 1 above), it is still important to keep track of who the vendor was and to make it easy and fast to reconcile these purchases on the statement (as per # 2 above).

Keeping these goals in mind, let’s walk through a few examples. I will be using an older version of Dynamics GP for the navigation and screen shots, but this process is the same in any version of GP. First, we need to create a payables vendor for each credit card. The important step here is to create a different vendor for each distinct account that you get billed for or pay. If you have three American Express accounts that get billed and paid separately, create three vendors. For our example I will create one AMEX vendor (Cards > Purchasing > Vendor):