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Micro Force -Velosio Tips & Tricks - GL Correcting Entry

Greetings and welcome to the next installment in our Dynamics GP Tips & Tricks limited series of articles.


GL Correcting Entry

How can I correct an entry that did not start in the general ledger module? Dynamics GP provides a great option for backing out and correcting entries in the GL. But what if the transaction didn't originate in the GL? What if it came from a subledger? Generally, you want to correct the entry back in the module where it was created. However, it is possible to use GP's Correct Journal Entry functionality to reverse and fix a JE that started in the subledger. You just have to turn the functionality on. To activate the ability to correct GL entries that didn't originate in the GL:

  • Select Tools .. Setup .. Financial .. General Ledger

  • Check the box next to Voiding/Correcting of Subsidiary Transactions

If this box is not checked, GP will display an error message when you try to correct an entry that originated in a sub ledger.


GP Keyboard Shortcuts

Here's a list of time-saving keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Dynamics GP:


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