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Micro Force -Velosio Tips & Tricks - Dynamics GP Checklists

Greetings! As promised, here is the next installment in our Dynamics GP Tips & Tricks limited series of articles.

Dynamics GP (Great Plains) has a feature named Checklists. This is a feature that has been included in Great Plains since version 5, so for over 15 years. So it is not a new feature to GP. But it can be very useful!

Each functional area of Great Plains has this feature, namely Financials, Payables, Sales & Inventory. A checklist is just that, a list of procedures (called routines) that you can define for a set frequency. But especially at this time of the year, can be very useful to define the routines that need to be performed at the end of a fiscal year.

Access by selecting: Financial >> Routines >> Financial >> Checklists

Begin to create your routines by first selecting the Module and Frequency at the top of the window. In the example above, General Ledger and Period End was selected.

Then select Add – one of the buttons on the right side of the window.

A new window will appear, for the user to enter the name of the Routine, Type and then the actual GP window. As shown above, the Type can be either a GP Window, an External Task or a GP Macro.

If you select GP Window, then select the GP window you want to select in the application field by clicking on the “magnifying glass” icon. Every window, inquiry, report, routine or utility is listed in this list to select from.

If you select External Task, the application will permit you to find any program to run by browsing your computer system. The file field will permit you to select a specific file for this program to run.

If you select GP Macro, the application field will permit you to find the location of the GP macro on your computer system.

If you create multiple routines, you can even identify the sequential order for the routines for that frequency so that a user will have to perform tasks in a specific order.

The beauty of Checklists is that not only will it remind a user of what needs to be done at a specific frequency, such as a period or quarter or year end, but also identifies which user ran this routine and when.

As with any new Great Plains Tip or Trick, if you need further assistance from our team, which I am proud to say is composed of the most experienced GP consultants that are available on the market today, you can reach us by emailing


Thank you once again for choosing Micro Force, we truly value our partnership together and the opportunity to serve your business solution needs! Sincerely, Jim McCann Partner, Senior Sales Analyst and Software Consultant Micro Force, A Velosio Affiliate Phone: (631) 421-1030 x 302 / (212) 777-7029 x 302 Email:


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