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Benefits of Migrating to Dynamics 365 in the Cloud from On-Premises

Updated: May 16, 2022

The cloud hardly feels disruptive in 2022. After all, the migration of on-premises hosting to the cloud has been an urgent matter for years and is indeed a critical first step in any digital transformation journey.

The pandemic has further solidified the cloud’s place in the IT stack. We’ve seen organizations struggle to meet the needs of newly remote employees, as well as customers looking for better digital products and experiences to cope with the same challenges.

We’re seeing more organizations move on-premises applications into the cloud, in part, due to incentives from software companies like Microsoft to migrate to new, cloud-based versions for their Dynamics GP, NAV and Solomon programs.

In these next few sections, we’ll explain what Microsoft users stand to gain in migrating their Dynamics 365 On-premises to the cloud.

Why Migrate D365 from On-Premises?

The cloud is essential for business growth and survival. According to IDC’s The Impact of Digital Transformation During Times of Change report, digital transformation initiatives like integrating customer touchpoints, operationalizing data, and gaining a 360-degree view of the customer became top priorities due to the pandemic. As discussed in the report (see fig. 4), all priorities fall apart without the cloud.

The findings also reveal a sense of regret among participants. The majority of respondents shared that the disruption was much less than anticipated. The value of the added security on the Microsoft platform led them to share that this should have been a priority much sooner.

The point is, organizations need cloud services to leverage technologies, enhance security and provide advanced analytics that will help them compete. It’s challenging to work quickly and make good business decisions when your data lives in different systems, and brands are beginning to face the consequences of avoiding the cloud.

Key Benefits of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premises to Cloud Migration

Much of what your Dynamics 365 on-premises to online migration will provide a confident and competitive status as well as building a more agile business. However, if you’re looking to get more specific, here’s a look at some of the greatest benefits of moving to the cloud:

Bring All Data Into One Central Location

Migrating your Dynamics system to the Microsoft cloud provides complete visibility into your business no matter how many locations are in the mix or whether your teams are working remotely.

With reporting tools that feature Power BI, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence, organizations get an agility boost – enabling faster, data-driven decision making.