Business Alerts is a powerful notification and reporting tool designed to provide strategic information as it happens through an email or through a notification in Dynamics. Simply Schedule Business Alerts to automatically notify users about relevant business activity.


For example you might want to be alerted whenever a customer account becomes past due, or if credit memo is created, or maybe you’d like to get an email when specific inventory quantities fall below their safety stock level. These conditions are perfect candidates for using GP Business Alerts. (See list of predefined alerts below)


Business Alerts leverage SQL Server technology to monitor data based on specified conditions or queries.  The alert is scheduled to query this data and then deliver an email or a notification within GP to the designated recipient for notification when the condition is met.  The condition is established by using the query features of SQL Server and then leveraging the database mail features of SQL Server to deliver the notification.


In the Business Alert Wizard, you have the option to create a brand new Business Alert, or modify an existing alert.  There are 11 pre-defined business alerts already setup in the Wizard. 

These are:

  • Accounts that have exceeded Budget

  • Checkbook balances that fall below zero

  • Customer Balance has exceeded Credit Limit

  • Customers on Hold

  • Inventory falls below reorder point

  • Employee paid overtime

  • Payables Documents on hold

  • Payables Documents past due

  • Customer Receivables past due

  • Sales Documents on Hold

  • Vendors placed on Hold


Contact your Micro Force representative or Christina Engert ( if you are interested in having Business alerts set up on your system.


Note: To create Business Alerts, you need to login as the sa user.  Since Business Alerts create jobs in SQL Server, you must login to GP as “sa” in order to create a Business Alerts.  The average user will not be able to do this.


Accessing Business Alerts is done through the Administration Tab on the Navigation Pane and then clicking on Business Alerts on the area page,  or going through the menu options – Microsoft Dynamics GP>>Tools>>Setup>>System>>Business Alerts.  Since this is a System function, you will most likely need to have access to the system password as well.


Here are some screen shots from the wizard:

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