Microsoft Dynamics ERP has a proven record for distribution and supply chain management. It can deliver visibility into your sales data, inventory levels, and shipment schedules, giving you confidence in your ability to meet customer demands. But that’s just a start.



Make Shipping Errors a Thing of the Past with Dynamics



Shipping Errors are extremely costly. They cost you money in retrieving items or handling the returns and correcting the errors, they cost you customer satisfaction and opportunities for future sales from customers, they cost your people time and effort to restock, re-pick, repack, and reship items as well as to update your inventory, and they can cost you your reputation.


Shipping Headaches You Can Avoid with Dynamic


If you are responsible for shipping goods or materials, then you have a lot to think about! While your shipping management software might help you manage some of the numerous processes and vast amount of information affecting your shipments, if it isn’t seamlessly integrated with your ERP system or finance and operations software, then you could end up with a bunch of headaches, including:


1.) Needing to store package level details like package type, weight, freight charges, items and more in one system and re-enter them into another.


2.) Having to manually add freight charges to a Sales Order or charge a customer’s carrier account for freight after the fact.


3.) Managing and producing packing lists, bills of lading, commercial invoices, package declaration forms, and other relevant shipping documents independent of your systems.


4.) Missing opportunities to combine multiple Sales Orders heading to the same destination into a single shipment.


5.) Manually entering data into multiple systems.


6.) Picking, packing, and preparing orders for shipment with a manual checking system.




All of these headaches can turn into big problems quickly because they leave your business susceptible to:


  • Costly errors

  • Wasted time that leads to employee dissatisfaction and turnover

  • Collections issues and cash flow problems

  • Compliance problems and lost business


Fortunately, it is easy to avoid these major distribution business issues and the headaches.



Contact us and request a distribution strategy assessment to discuss your needs with an experienced distribution solutions expert today!

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