Growing pain #3: Protect Audit Trails and Keep Control of Quickbooks

July 21, 2016


Do you feel like your control over company audit trails are slipping away? Lack of control and weak audit can lead to severe issues down the road. If you have realized numbers changing, it isn't a technical issue, but a manual entry that was overwritten. With Quickbooks, there is no way to track changes made to your data. Any user can login and amend an old entry, without restrictions or an audit trail. Even with very close attention to detail and manual tracking of your data, it is extremely difficult to maintain accurate data with these many moving parts. Even very little changes can make way for huge problems later on due to inaccurate information and skewed data. This inaccurate data can lead to massive problems due to unintentional but poor decision making. 


When manual changes are indeed necessary, do you know who in your company makes those changes? Do you know exactly what entry was amended and what was changed in that entry? You cannot always be there to oversee what changes are made by who, and you shouldn't have to! Business is about accuracy, but it's also about efficiency. It is difficult to implement proper controls when you aren't completely sure what is happening off your watch. It is also difficult to keep confidence in constantly changing data when you are not aware what is actually changing. You know you've outgrown Quickbooks when you no longer have complete confidence in your data or can't provide a full financial audit trail. 


Maintaining accurate data isn't impossible. Dynamics GP makes it easy to do so by allowing you to restrict access to confidential data, such as proprietary data or credit card information, strictly to managers and directors. This upgraded software also allows you to pick and choose which features each user should have access to so that you only grant access to those features that directly relate to their appropriate job tasks. 


Audit features in Dynamics GP electronically tracks data changes as well as controls them. You have the choice to use forms to request approval for specific data changes or alert managers and directors when each and every data change that is made. Dynamics GP works to protect data integrity, ensure compliance, and eliminate from your data human error. 


Take back control of your business and protect your data with Dynamics GP. Upgrading from Quickbooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP is quick and painless. Allow us here at Micro Force - Socius to help implement your brand new and improved business software. Simply contact us at to let us know you are interested and we'll do the rest!

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