Growing pain #2: You've Outgrown Quickbooks If...Managing Cash Flow Has Become More Burdensome Than It Ever Has Been

July 20, 2016


Has managing your cash flow become more of a burden than it ever was before? A short time ago, general ledgers and other financial data were recorded via hand in notebooks or undeveloped spreadsheets on the computer. Between then and now, basic accounting software developed, of which came Quickbooks which was amongst one of the best of its time for small businesses. With this in mind, the time for Quickbooks has come to an end. It's entry-level accounting software may now be holding your business back from reaching its greatest potential by delaying productivity, profitability, and growth. 
We can all appreciate the functionality of Quickbooks in its process of taking manual data and automating reconciliations, eliminating the pen and paper process that used to be valued in accounting. Automation certainly provides a speedy process with decreased exposure to human data entry errors. However, as your company grows you need a clear cut reflection of cash flow across all departments within your business to determine accurate budgets, forecasting projections, and profitability. Quickbooks lacks this feature, which is why Dynamics GP is the future. 
“Dynamics GP has enabled us to reduce our Days Sales Outstanding DSO from 46 days down to 35 days, which has increased our cash flow cycle by 35%. Before using Dynamics GP, we did not have a proactive system in place for following up with past due customers, therefore we were not collecting as effectively as possible.”

Take the leap to Dynamics GP:
When you've reached the point where you feel that Quickbooks can no longer provide the financial intelligence that is needed to stay out ahead of your business, it's time to move on to better technology. Dynamics GP is the new Quickbooks, where it provides all of the solutions you've been searching for, including the cash flow and collection management software functionality that can solve your cash flow problems. 

 By using Dynamics GP, your cash flow functionality will include:
Automate with customer specific workflows
Centralize customer A/R and contact details
Target customers based on balance, aging, and more
Highlight invoices as promised for payment
Track customer interactions and required follow-ups

Transitioning to Dynamics GP is easy! Just choose either the Core Package or the Advanced Package and we'll do the rest! Just reach out to us at and we'll have you up and running in no time.  
Leave the past behind and transition to a solution capable of providing all the features your business needs to move forward and stabilize growth. 


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