Growing Pain #1: You've Outgrown Quickbooks If... You've Been Losing Sleep Over The Strings Your Business Is Held Together By.

July 15, 2016

Are you constantly concerned about the strings holding your business together? Do you feel that your business has outgrown Quickbooks and it has now become a burden rather than a blessing? This is how many fast growing businesses feel as they made the transition to a new level in their business. An entry level accounting solution no longer can provide the support you need and until you upgrade to a more compatible software, your growth is come to a standstill. This blog series will outline a list of growing pains you may encounter when you have outgrown Quickbooks so that you know to make the move to a newer version that will sustain the growth you've experienced thus far. 


As your business grows, your financial data becomes more difficult to analyze, your supply chain isn't as efficient as it always has been, and the many solutions that have worked in the past now provide uncertainty as to whether your business can rely on them anymore. Significant business growth with Quickbooks may lead to increased manual data entry, creating countless spreadsheets that can't give you the results and solutions you need at that level of growth. When you proactive attitude becomes reactive to the amount of data entry, you know you need to restructure the base of your business to be more compatible with your current model. Creating unique solutions and workarounds are effective at minimal use, but in mass use it creates unnecessary stress and work that will continue to slow your growth. 


Take the leap to Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics is an extensive solution that simplifies the management of your entire business from financials, people, supply chain and customer relationship management and provides powerful business intelligence from day one. The transition from Quickbooks to Dynamics GP is easy, especially with Micro Force - Socius as a partner to guide and support you along the way step by step. Based on your business' needs, simply choose the Core Package or the Advanced Package and say no more! Just reach out to us at and we'll have you up and running in no time. 


Thousands of clients have outgrown their simple entry level accounting software and made the move to Dynamics GP. In the next phase of your business, take your software with you and implement the solution that will ease the growing pains.

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