How ERP Solutions Can Help Accelerate the Growth of Your Consumer Packaged Goods Business!

April 22, 2016

What leads to a strong supply chain? Why do some distributors become the leaders in their sector? There are many factors that come into play. A recent report ranked the top ten consumer packaged goods supply chain companies. Proctor & Gamble and General Mills tied for first place in this publication. What was found to make these industry leaders stand out from their competitors?


Strength of a companies’ marketing program, branding, sales, overall business principles, and supply chain management were recognized as key factors that led these companies to master their supply chain process. But a common threat among all these CPG industry leaders was a top rated ERP business software system.


Where do you start on your path to be recognized as a top consumer packaged goods provider in your industry? How about with an upgrade or enhancement to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, which is the business software system that runs your organization. Efficiency and effectiveness of your supply chain affects the customers that you both keep and also attract. In order to be successful, ERP solution must work for you to create better regulation and transparency within your supply chain. If your business is ready to increase profit and produce a more competitive supply chain that can keep up with companies like General Mills and Procter & Gamble, reach out to Micro Force Socius who can help you get the most from your ERP business software system. Let us help you learn how your ERP solution can help your achieve your strategic goals!

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