What You're Missing by Sticking with Quickbooks as Your Business Software Solution for Your Distribution Business

April 20, 2016



You may not think that you are missing out on much by using Quickbooks instead of upgrading to Dynamics GP, but there are so many potential functions and applications that could be used to enhance your distribution business. The following are only a few features that are available in Dynamics GP that are not in your Quickbooks program.  

  1. Inventory Management: With Quickbooks, inventory was tracked either manually or through Excel. There is no automation associated with it at all. With Dynamics GP, you will be using one of the most comprehensive inventory management systems in the industry! inventory levels are not only easy to upload, but to analyze on at an instant.  

  2. Six inventory valuation methods to choose from.  

  3. Stock Status Reports: a great tool to that can be used that wasn’t ever available with Quickbooks. These reports will permit you track and manage every aspect of your physical inventory. The flexibility within these reports makes the potential use for them endless.  

  4. Tracing Lot Numbers: Accuracy and efficiency of tracing lot and serialized numbers from “cradle to grave”. The trace function in Dynamics GP has proven to make a huge difference in the tracking of inventory and addressing any compliance reporting requirements in your industry. 

  5. Inventory Status Visibility: This reporting feature provides visibility in the allocation and distribution of inventory. Physical inventory can be managed more easily when business owners can differentiate between inventory that has been allocated but not yet shipped. 

  6. Units of Measure Schedule: this makes tracking inventory much simpler. Instead of using separate SKU’s for each single products. 

  7. Tracking Price Levels: Dynamics GP has the ability to program in retail prices and wholesale prices, allowing for stricter management of price levels. But permits price overrides, with the authorization that you configure into your system. 

  8. Purchasing features such as Available to Promise to inform users if inventory is available today and if not, when product will be arriving based on incoming purchase orders.  

  9. The cross function now allows for interaction between two companies, rather than just a single company 


If your business can benefit from using the most comprehensive inventory management system available for distributors today, why not reach out to Micro Force Socius? Let us help your distribution business reach its full potential.

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