Is AmazonSupply Your Biggest Competitor?

March 8, 2016


Amazon Supply can be difficult to compete with. The prices are hard to beat, customer service is satisfying, and delivery is prompt. But if you know where to start, you can grow your business so that AmazonSupply is no longer a threat to your business. 

First, it is important to establish yourself locally. Find out what it is that your customers are looking for, and what it is that will fully satisfy them. Amazon may be doing this, but nothing beats personalized customer service and support that shows that your company will do anything to fulfill customers needs. Build up local distribution channels and learn all you can about your local community that you are catering to. 

Next, after learning all about your community, learn all about your competitor. Find out Amazon's weakness and use it to your advantage. Amazon cannot stock products that have extreme bulk. This can help you in the same way it hurts them. Also, engage in one-on-one conversation with your customers and learn directly from them how you can provide more ease to their shopping experience. Next, you must understand the way in which Amazon strategically prices their products. Yes, they offer "free" shipping as a perk, but so can you. Lowest prices aren't necessarily the most important aspect of your business; customers appreciate quality service over cheap prices.

Lastly, use software as an advantage. Think about ways to innovate and provide more of what your customers are looking for.

Contact Micro Force-Socius for more information about how you can gain a competitive edge utilizing the best in distribution business software and strategically eliminate AmazonSupply as a threat to your business.

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