Is Your Software Out of Date?

February 16, 2016




         How old is the software that your business is currently running on? Have you found yourself thinking that certain functions in your current business software that you use today could be more up to date? If your using Quickbooks, Peachtree, or an old customized legacy system, this may have been something that you have been thinking about for quite some time.

         Whether your business has grown so much that your current software cannot properly provide accurate inventory reports, or you simply need better analysis of consumer trends, ERP is the advanced software that every distribution business needs.

         Sure, updating to a new software platform can be intimidating, but the power and automation that comes with the new software can grow your business to heights you've never dreamed of. ERP brings all essential information forefront for easy access. Inventory, purchasing, supply chain processes, transportation to consumers, financials and business intelligence are a few of the many aspects that will undergo massive improvement with ERP.

         The way in which this information is conveyed is simpler than ever, and easier in a sense that you can consumer this data in whatever method suits you best, even straight from your smartphone! ERP includes the option to automate the operations that you wish to, enable a deeper analysis where you see fit, and track the flow of goods more directly. By observing the flow of both goods and cash, it becomes more clearcut to you, the business owner, which steps of the processes are redundant and should be eliminated in order to increase sales and profit. ERP will also allow you to determine the exact amount of inventory necessary to meet demand without accumulating excess inventory.

         The transition to an ERP system changes your business for the better, and not just in the short run. It brings your business software systems to another level. And having the right technology partner to guide you in this journey is critical, so that you can realize the many benefits without the pain! That is why so many distribution companies have turned to Micro Force – Socius for their new ERP business software system. To begin this journey, please contact us at


By Micro Force – Socius, the premier business software system provider in the Greater NYC area. 

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