How Not Upgrading Your ERP System Timely is Costing You Money

June 8, 2015


You are undoubtedly using your ERP system on a daily basis. Your company and reporting rely on it. It’s the single most important line of business application used as a backbone to your business and your company’s productivity. But when was the last time you upgraded your system?


We’re not talking about simple patch updates.  Instead, we’re talking about upgrading to the latest release.  Forrester states that ““approximately half of ERP customers are on releases that are two versions behind the current release, which may be four years old or more.”  It’s your responsibility to ensure you don’t fall within this category of customers.


While there is a cost to perform the necessary upgrades, there are many things to consider that could be costing you time and money by not upgrading. A few of the things to consider are:


  • You are likely entitled to it already

    You are likely already paying for the latest release with your Annual Maintenance Fee. While this doesn’t cover the cost of performing the upgrade, you are still paying for products that add functionality, bug fixes, improves performance and more, but not yielding any of the benefits.

  • Added Functionality

    Microsoft is adding features, easier ways to do things, lots of new reporting options and more. In the last year alone, there have been over 80 new features, several new ways to get real-time reporting.


  • Continued Support

    As the older releases age, they are no longer being updated to account for bug fixes or improvements. Due to this, it may take longer to resolve certain issues that may arise, sometimes considerably. Additionally, support from Microsoft is limited or not possible.


  • Limited IT Infrastructure Updates

    Server functionality in the latest operating systems (both Server and Workstations) is important to the overall infrastructure of your network. Older releases of software, such as your ERP system may prevent you from upgrading your IT infrastructure (newer operating systems, servers, etc), due to compatibility issues.





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