Are You Using Business Alerts in GP? You Should Be!

April 20, 2015



If you have Microsoft Dynamics GP and you are not taking advantage of the built in business alerts functionality then you are truly missing out. In brief, a business alert is a way to watch and monitor your system for some activity to occur. When the activity does occur you can have the system alert the user that the event has taken place.


A quick example of this could be something like when a customer account goes on hold, send an email to the account representative and let them know about it. Other applications for business alerts are literally endless but here are a few additional examples to get you to understand the power of these alerts.


How about an alert that sends to your payables department a notice of the invoices that are a priority to be paid? An alert for when the company checkbook is below a certain value? What about a customer that has exceeded their credit limit?


Best of all, you already own Business Alerts! Micro Force can help you get Business Alerts set up and create the business alerts that you need.

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