Should training should be an ongoing, planned and regular part of your GP system maintenance budget?

December 23, 2014

When was the last time you or your staff received training on GP? Was the training when you first got the product? Was the training on new features? Was the training on things you know you need? What about the things you didn’t think you needed, but actually could help save you lots of time and improve efficiency?


Should training should be an ongoing, planned and regular part of your GP system maintenance budget? Getting training when you first get GP is, of course, necessary. And getting updates when moving to the latest release is also important. But what about training as new employees come onboard. Do you just count on existing employees to show the new people what to do on the system? Do you think they are providing the same in-depth knowledge as when first trained? Ever hear of the game “telephone” as a kid? Well, the same applies to the training of people from other people in the company. Things get lost, misinterpreted, forgotten, etc. And as time goes by, this gets worse. Also, what about changes in your company or individuals’ processes, ever so slight? If your staff was trained based on old processes/procedures, you could be missing out on lots of functionality that GP could have available, but your staff never knew.


What about reporting? We all know that reporting is a key output of any system. And reporting needs change over time, if not almost daily. It’s important to realize, but often overlooked, that what you get out of a system (in this case reporting) is very dependent on what and how you put things into the system. And many times, there are different ways you can do things in GP that you didn’t realize, but new or refresher training my uncover thinking about or questioning how they are done. And this may lead to improvements in processes and timesaving’s.

Since processes change, company reporting needs change, customer requirements change, and employees come and go, what makes you think getting updated training, on a regular basis, wouldn’t help? It is more important than you may have realized, and yet, an often overlooked essential element to getting the most out of your ERP system, and your employees, on an ongoing basis. And of course, that leads to better efficiency, decreased costs, increased profits, and possibly an advantage over the competition.


Training…. a wise ongoing investment indeed.


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