Why choose Micro Force to support your Microsoft Dynamics business software system?

The Micro Force team has successfully assisted hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics customers over the past fifteen years. Here are some results of our work, examples of our experience and the industries that we have helped our clients use technology to become leaders in.

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CPG Distributor to Big Box Chains

Denver, Colorado

​This fast growing distributor of consumer packaged goods to big box retailers and online leaders selected our NYC office to implement a Microsoft Dynamics GP with Salespad system. Our solution included a commission tracking system that permits their staff to reduce time to complete this monthly task by 80%. The enhanced reporting tools provides unparalleled reporting for both their broker and rep organizations as well as their management team.

Distributor Needs Assistance Implementing WMS System

Piscataway, NJ

We assisted a CGP Distributor who was using Dynamics GP to implement the warehouse management  (WMS) system from Highjump, formally named Accellos. The results improved the accuracy of their inventory, eliminated manual data entry, permitted users to easily locate product in their 50,000 square foot warehouse and reduced shipping errors and improved their system to ship product before an expiration ship date was met, thereby drastically reducing spoilage.

Food Distributor Streamlines Operations

Queens, NY

A consultant for a Food Distributor concluded after a very extensive due diligence process that their best option was to select Micro Force-Socius to implement their new ERP system from Microsoft. Our solution included various workflow operations to keep track of orders from inception to invoice. Improving their credit checking process and alerting users when orders were being placed for products below a predefined profit % reduced bad debt over 50% and helped to improve profit margins.

Food Distributor Selling to Largest National Chains

New York, NY

This fast growing food distributor realized that they could no longer use Quickbooks and a myriad of Excel worksheets to run their operations. Their big box customers’ demands such as EDI and online vendor portals forced them to constantly hire new staff. By automating an EDI solution as part of their Dynamics system, they were able to eliminate orders being touched by a factor of one third. Reporting generated from their ERP system streamlined their order processing to their 3PL.

Food Distributor Meets Compliancy Requirements

Chicago, IL

This food distributor recognized that to stay competitive in their industry, they needed to upgrade from their old computer system to capture more granular cost information as well as meet compliancy requirements.  A key requirement was to implement a new system built for distributors that provided both lot tracking and landed cost functionality to compute more accurate cost of goods for international shipments.   A key requirement was to allocate these freight costs volumetrically, by cube.

CPG Distributor Integrates their eCommerce system to GP

Long Island, NY

We assisted a leading eCommerce distributor that provides the public with top rated fragrance and skincare products to create a seamless integration between their customized web application and Dynamics GP. We used the SmartConnect integration tool to automate this process, which transfers thousands of records each day to both financial and operational modules in GP. By instituting GAAP controls to its custom distribution platform we helped our client streamline operations as well as increase profits by reducing costs.

Distributor Streamlines Procurement Process Using Dynamics GP

New York, NY

A very fast paced office wanted to streamline how they prepared to send out their dozens of trucks every morning by utilizing workflow while using a system that would provide a much more accurate inventory management system to better meet the demands of their customers. Through the use of the new purchasing functionality in their Dynamics system they decreased the time to create purchase orders for their off shore suppliers from three man days to less than one man day per week.  They estimated that this was an annual savings of more than 150 man days.

Distributor Implements Bar Coding to Improve Pick Pack Process

Queens, NY

One of the key requirements for this consumer packaged goods (CGP) distributor in upgrading from their legacy system was to streamline their pick, pack, ship process. We included a bar coding system in our Microsoft Dynamics GP solution at their packing stations to verify their picks, which reduced shipping errors by 60% in the first three months of usage. Our solution integrated to the various shipping systems they were using, which included both Worldship and Ship Manager.

An Importer & Distributor of Commercial Product

Great Neck, NY

This Industrial Goods Distributor was one of the largest in their industry. They had unique order processing as well as inventory management requirements that we were able to address with the combination of both Dynamics GP and enhancements modules which were tailored for their needs. A requirement was the ability to capture numerous landed costs as well as delivery costs to the customer to provide a more accurate profitability report for each sales order.

Distributor of Consumer Telcom Service

New York, NY

This Telcom company captured thousands of transactions via their switches daily. This data was needed to create both purchasing as well as sales transactions in their ERP system. Our development team created integrations to bring thousands of transactions from their switches into various Microsoft Dynamics GP tables on a daily basis.

Pet Product Distributor

Wilton, Connecticut

A distributor and provider of pet containment systems for New England, New Jersey and Southern New York.  We have continued to assist this company integrate their home grown line of business application, which include an online presence and custom distribution platform to Dynamics GP.

Distributor with National Sales Force & Service Organization

Hauppauge, NY

One of the largest distributors in their industry. This Hauppauge, NY company has a national sales force, as well as a national service organization for the products they sold. We successfully implemented a Dynamic GP ERP solution, which included MS CRM and a fully integrated service management system that is used by every user in their organization.

Fast Growing Distributor

Long Island, NY

This distributor of nutritional products that help athletes maximize their potential, selected Micro Force in 2009 to implement Dynamics GP. This was the platform that they needed to have an accurate inventory, eliminate duplicate data entry as well as automate their integration to their warehouse. Micro Force was able to implement the new system in their very aggressive timeframe, on time and within budget.

Distributor of Home Goods

Islip, NY

They needed to replace their MAS system to support their dramatic growth. Sold to large retailers so implemented an EDI system for GP. Helped automate a new west coast warehouse. Met growth goals that facilitated a recent acquisition by a national firm.

Distributor with cash flow challenges

Long Island, NY

A Long Island distributor, who asked us to help them with their cash flow challenges. We helped them recognize the problem was due to an overstock of inventory. We helped this client select and implement a new state of the art procurement product for their Dynamics GP system that converted over a million dollars in inventory into cash in less than six months. Their % of fulfilling orders was even slightly improved.

Commercial Distributor

Long Island, NY

A leader in their industry who brings state-of-the-art measurement solutions to the North American market from leading instrument companies around the globe. Micro Force has been supporting their Microsoft Great Plains software system for their distribution business since 2007. In 2012, we began to implementing the Great Plains manufacturing modules for their production organization.

Food Distributor Automates Order Processing for Field Reps

New York, NY

A NYC headquartered food distributor realized they had to upgrade from their 30 year old legacy system, even though it was customized to meet numerous requirements to best service their clientele both locally as well as along the east coast. Selling to both large food chains as well as restaurants, their field reps needed a system that could electronically uploaded hundreds of orders to their office daily,  replacing manual data entry by office personal. This was accomplished for their entire extensive product line, which included catchweight items.

Online Accessory Distributor

Long Island, NY

A distributor that provides the public with access to the largest inventory of genuine, brand name fragrances, skincare, candles, aromatherapy and more at the lowest possible prices.  By instituting GAAP controls to its custom distribution platform we have assisted this company continue to increase the quality of its earnings. We implemented Dynamics GP and eOne’s SmartConnnect to integrate to its website and WMS system to Dynamics GP.

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Private Equity Firms

Family Business

New York City, N.Y.

An integrated investment firm that primarily represents the interests of a family business. This entity was using a windows version of RealWorld when they selected Micro Force in 2001 to upgrade their systems to the Great Plains financial applications. With over a dozen reporting entities, we were instrumental in the design and creation of the reporting requirements for this financial institution. We have also created a seamless integration between their investment management system named Investran and Dynamics GP.

Middle Market Private Equity Firm

New York, N.Y.

We have been servicing the Dynamics GP system for a leading middle-market private equity firm with a 20 year history of partnering with management teams, investing in North American companies, and delivering superior returns to their investors. One of our many services was the integration of external system to Dynamics GP which simplified their monthly closing procedures.

Private Equity Firm focused on the health care industry

New York, NY

A private equity firm  with companies 27 companies in 5 countries using the Dynamic GP ERP solution. We assisted this company develop a custom .Net web application that allows this company to streamline a very complex transfer pricing arrangement in a highly automated way.

Private Equity Firm that has over 30 companies

Long Island, NY

A private equity firm that has over 30 companies using the Dynamic GP ERP solution. Some of their businesses use a line of business application that integrates to Dynamics GP for financial reporting purposes. This has provided their organization with the same financial reporting application for each of their entities, which greatly simplifies their strenuous monthly reporting requirements.

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Labor Unions

International Labor Union using our LM2 Module

Washington, DC

Micro Force’s LM2 module is an enhancement for Dynamics GP that is used by many International labor unions, who must comply with stringent electronic reporting requirements that are submitted to the Department of Labor. Fully integrated in Dynamics GP. Requires no additional effort processing daily payable transactions and permits LM2 changes to posted vouchers and paid invoices.

Largest NYC Labor Union of their kind

New York, NY

In 2002, one of the largest non-uniformed Labor Unions in NYC selected Micro Force to replace our legacy financial system with Microsoft Great Plains. When this labor union was faced with new compliancy requirements from the Department of Labor in 2005, Micro Force created and provided a software solution that provided automation as well as electronic transmission of their annual report. 

Players Union for a Major Sports Organization

USA – Nationwide

We sold and implemented Dynamics GP for the Players Union for a major sports organization. This included Micro Force’s LM2 module, which is an enhancement for Dynamics GP that is used by labor unions, who must comply with stringent electronic reporting requirements that are submitted to the Department of Labor. This module is used by many locals as well as International labor unions across the US.

Police Department of a Major Metropolitan City


We were selected to by the police department of a major metropolitan city to transition their legacy financial system onto Dynamics GP.

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Not for Profit

Not For Profit Supported for more than 15 years

Long Island, NY

This Suffolk County branch of a national not for profit organization, has been a client using Dynamics GP since 2001. They provide programs and services for over 2,500 men, women and children with intellectual challenges. We have successfully upgraded their Dynamics GP system many times over the years as well as implementing new modules, such as the Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing module for their invoicing requirements. 

Not For Profit Automates Allocations

Long Island, NY