Distribution 20/20 Suite
The Distribution 20/20 solution is a full-featured distribution software suite that was designed specifically for growing distributors. Gone are the days of piecing together an accounting software, an inventory management system and a customer database and futilely trying to get them to communicate with one another.

Are you a distributor facing the constant challenges of trying to keep up with your customers’ requirements, while also keeping your costs low and your margins wide enough to sustain your business? Distribution 20/20 can be the key to your success.

Distributor with National Sales Force & Service Organization (Hauppauge, New York)

One of the largest distributors in their industry. This Hauppauge, New York company has a national sales force, as well as a national service organization for the products they sold. We successfully implemented a Dynamic GP ERP solution, which included MS CRM and a fully integrated service management system that is used by every user in their organization.

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Our Distribution Clients:

Distribution 20/20 is a single solution that enables you to manage:

Comprehensive financial management capabilities help you streamline and automate processes while improving the control and security of your financial data.  Distribution 20/20 gives you company-wide visibility into your financial transactions while giving your employees easy access to customer information so that they can answer customer questions promptly and accurately. Increase productivity and reduce data entry by automating cross-company transaction posting.

Sales & Marketing
Gain a comprehensive view of each customer to coordinate all interactions when multiple individuals are interacting with them on a regular basis so that they consistently have excellent interactions.  Distribution 20/20 provides a single source for all customer and transaction data, enabling you to track sales demand to develop optimal product placement. Utilize intelligent knowledge management to identify opportunities for new products and services to be offered.

Remove wasted activities by integrating the warehouse, sales, finance, and billing departments. By doing so, you will gain real-time visibility on product orders and supplier availability while equipping you with enhanced tools to create accurate demand-forecasting models that lower inventory and improve customer service.  Distribution 20/20 gives you easy and efficient real-time access to inventory, customer order status, sales, purchasing, and financial information across multiple locations while utilizing intelligent knowledge management to identify opportunities for new products and services to be offered.

Automate warehouse procedures to minimize human error and assure that the right product is being shipped to the right customer – every time! For example you may verify picks and packs, but do you also need to verify units of measure? Do you use your own warehouse or 3PLs? Whichever is used, distributors are striving to streamline your operations to a “one touch” environment. Gain real-time visibility on product orders and supplier availability while equipping you with enhanced tools to create accurate demand-forecasting models that lower inventory and improve customer service. 

Whether it is your inventory, orders, financials, customer information, or staffing, Distribution 20/20 is all about giving you visibility to the information that you need and the ability to analyze that information.  By connecting all aspects of your organization, Distribution 20/20 enables you to surface, report on, and analyze data in fast and efficient ways that enable you to turn your analysis into insight and make better informed business decisions. 

Support Services
Differentiate your business in the market through service by leveraging Distribution 20/20 to enable order validity assurance, order cycle and fulfillment optimization. 

Distribution 20/20 is built around the time-tested, industry leading business solutions from Microsoft, named Dynamics.  

  • Provide visible, impactful data across departments

  • Fuel business productivity

  • Transform and align business processes

  • Improve agility to launch new products and services

  • Enable informed, confident decision making

  • Improve operational efficiency to achieve growth strategies

  • Drive exceptional service through better collaboration and improved visibility into operations and customer demand

  • Provide easy access to role-specific information to reduce training time, boost efficiency and speed-up channel development

  • Recognize and respond faster and more accurately to emerging changes in customer demand

We will help you to:

Credit Card Processing

Process Credit Cards with Confidence
Processing Credit Card transactions is a complex and delicate endeavor that needs to appear automatic and instant to your customers. With the industry leading flexibility and security of Distribution 20/20’s Credit Card Processing capabilities, you can process payments quickly and confidently.

Compliance Comes Easy
There’s no need to spend time worrying about the hoops that you need to jump through to become PCI compliant in order to accept credit card payments. Distribution 20/20’s credit card processing functionality is PA-DSS certified, making it easier for you to obtain PCI compliance when you are using the solution.

Flexible Acceptance Within Your Finance Screens
With Distribution 20/20, there is no need to leave your transaction windows in order to process credit cards. You can accept credit card payments from a variety of transaction screens within the system. This tool also has the flexibility to pre-authorize, post-authorize, sale, void and credit or to handle partial shipments.

Security Secures Confidence and Savings
Keep your customer’s data safe and your payments secure with Distribution 20/20. When processing credit cards through Distribution 20/20, there are several ways to mitigate the risk of fraud, which you will be rewarded for through your customers’ appreciation and cost savings thanks to better credit card processing discount rates.

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Benefits of Distribution 20/20:

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