If you’ve ever tried to setup a “Top 10 List” in SmartList you will have found that it can be a bit tricky. This is because the system defaults to pulling the “Top 10” based on the SmartList’s default sorting. For example, if you want to get a “Top 10 Customers by Year-to-Date Purchases”, GP will pull the first 10 customers based on the Customer ID. Following is step by step instructions on how to set this up. You can use the principles below to setup your own Top 10 Lists.


Step 1: Open GP

Step 2: Open SmartList

(If you do not have a button in your Toolbar, here is the Navigation for Version 2010 and Version 10.)

Ver 2010




















Ver 10.0


















Step 3: Version 2010 and Version 10: Sales>>Customers>>Customer Balance* (The asterisk indicates a predefined SmartList). The rest of the steps are the same for Versions 2010 and 10.

Step 4: Click on Columns












Step 5: Click on Add














Step 6: Click the column header “Type” then look for “Currency”.  Next, under “Currency”, look for Display Name “Total Sales YTD” under the Type.  Click “OK”.























Step 7: Click “Favorites”. Type over the name “Customer Balance*” with the words “Top 10 Customers”. Click Add>>Add Favorite. (This is how you create a new SmartList)










Step 8: Click on Columns. Select “Customer Balance*”. Click “Remove”












Step 9: Click on Favorites>>Modify. (This saves the change)










Step 10: Click on Search








Step 11: Click in the Field called “Maximum Records” and type “10” (Note: You can enter any number in the Maximum Records” for “Top Customer”, “Top 100”, etc.)





















Step 12: Click on “Order By”. Scroll down to Total Sales YTD. Hit Insert. Change the Order By to “Descending”. Click OK.















Step 13: Click Favorites>>Modify -- You can add this to your shortcuts and it will update automatically!!

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