Warehouse Logistics

Barcoding to comprehensive RFID warehouse management systems. Integrating your parcel or trucking shipping systems. Some of the many options that can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are increasingly becoming a technology that distributors rely on to automate warehouse movements in order to track inventory better including enhancements in performing a unified and efficient method for the proper flow on inventory.

There are many components to our 20/20 WMS offerings. Accuracy matters and efficiency gains through our offerings are specifically designed to improve the proper flow of inventory within the warehouse through automation and creating a unified and streamlined supply chain movement methodology.

The following are some of the many features that our 20/20 solution will provide for your distribution business:

Multiple Picking Options
Learn about different picking options such as Wave, Batch and others and the numerous benefits associated with having warehouse picking styles.


Accurate counting procedures, such as Cycle Counting, should be part of any WMS system to ensure to proper amount and tracking of inventory.

Lot and Expiration Date Tracking

This feature is designed to extend the inventory management capability in the warehouse to include tracking discrete balances by lot to provide “cradle to grave” visibility. Expiration date tracking permits guidance for pickers to reduce waste.

Order Allocation

Warehouse allocation is responsible for the logical reservation of product for sales orders. Allocation may be based on specific criteria such as FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, batch, pack-size, zone and warehouse.

Workflow Capabilities To permit your new system to process different pick-pack processes for different product lines, as well as alert users to maximize their productivity.  

Incident Tracking

Effectively manage and maintain lists of warehouse issues, ensuring incidents are correctly and quickly resolved. Incident tracking can help you better manage personnel and improve customer service.

Advanced Functionality

Includes cartonization, batch picking, zone picking, kitting, directed put-away, and more.

Does the WMS streamline the entire shipping process to move more packages per day with greater accuracy, all at a lower cost? Our offering can be integrated to multiple carriers including UPS, FedEx and LTL Shipping.

Paperless Zone Picking
With a good WMS, specific orders can be selected, batched and sent directly to an RF terminal user to pick for a given route or prompt for a priority order to service a will call customer.

Does your potential WMS generate orders to keep picking bins properly stocked? Replenishment prevents delays in order fulfillment, keeping customers happy.

Route Shipping
A WMS should accommodate trucks with regular routes, or trucks whose routes change daily adhering to easy and dynamic stop sequences, and making deliveries efficient.

Warehouse Metrics
A good WMS should have a graphical representation of employee-to-employee performance, any transactions performed during a specific time period and branch-to-branch comparisons. This should all be based on user-established parameters and filters. A good warehouse management system empowers managers to make better decisions about inventory stocking, movement, and employee efficiency because information is accurate and readily accessible.

Verify your picks to eliminate shipping errors. Can be extended to verify that the loading is accurate and complete?

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